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6 Factual Reasons Why Freemasonry Won’t Make You Rich

6 Factual Reasons Why Freemasonry Won't Make You Rich

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6 Factual Reasons Why Freemasonry Won’t Make You Rich

Hunting for riches and wealth does not come easy but some think otherwise, instead of persevering and working hard to achieve what they are due, some prefer to join some cults and masons to save them from hard work.

With the help of Melvin Tarlue, I have in summary why freemasonry won’t make you rich and its interesting to know.

As an opener to this brief write up on Freemasons, I would like to state based on facts that contrary to widely held perception that when you are poor you can become rich by becoming a Freemason, being a Freemasonry rather takes monies away from its members and does not in anyway make them rich.

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So if you’re poor and thinking of joining Freemasons to get fabulously rich, you better think otherwise because freemasonry will sadly take your little money and leave you with nothing.

About Freemasonry

Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest fraternal societies made up of men who are concerned with moral and spiritual values and who pursue a way of life that complements their religious, family and community affiliations.


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Freemasons seek a better way of life and treat all men as equal regardless of race, religion or social standing.

Freemasonry requires that candidates hold a belief in Divine Creating God who is creator of the Universe and Giver of its life.

Some Freemasons are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs etc and are regular worshippers of God or Allah just like any other human.

Freemasonry teaches love and kindness in the home, honesty and fairness in business or occupation, courtesy in social contacts, help for the weak and unfortunate, resistance to wickedness, trust and confidence in good men, forgiveness toward the penitent, love toward one another, and above all, reverence for the Supreme Being (God, Allah).

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Freemasonry is a fraternity which teaches members a code of ethics and a system of moral philosophy by means of a progression of ceremonies based on the work practices and tools of stone masons.

Members are encouraged to cultivate the moral and civic virtues, to uphold the principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth, to live in a manner pleasing to God and of service to others, and to recognize that each individual has responsibilities towards God, himself and wider society which includes the nation and his fellow man

Characteristics of Every true Freemason:

1. Seeks ways to share in building a better community.

2. Shows tolerance and respect for the opinions of others and behaves with kindness and understanding of his fellow creatures.

3. Practices charity and care for the community as well as his own family, through charitable giving and voluntary work.

4. Strives for the truth, requiring high moral standards and aiming to achieve them in his own life.

5. Freemasons believe these principles represent a way of achieving high standards in life.

What Freemasonry is not:

It is not recognized for profit or wealth generation.

It is not an insurance or benefit society.

It does not solicit members.

It is neither a religion nor a creed

It is not a secret society, as it does not conceal its existence, membership or purposes.

It is not a forum discussion of partisan affairs.

Becoming a Freemason will not make you become rich contrary to widely held view that one can get rich from becoming a Freemason. In reality, Freemasonry can take away money from people rather it gives because one has to donate to support masonry charitable initiatives, amongst others.

You have to be financially sound to be accepted as a mason because there are donations to be made to support the continues existence of the association.

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