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DKB flops as Foster Romanus excite audience at laffta fest.

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DKB flops as Foster Romanus excite audience at laffta fest.

DKB flops as Foster Romanus excite audience at laffta fest.

SUNDAY night can be described as one of the worst for comedian DKB as he failed to shine at the second edition of Glo’s Laffta Fest, which took place at the Fantasy Dome, Trade Fair in Accra.

The King of GH comedy as DKB calls himself could not crack the ribs of the audience for the over 20 minutes he was on stage.

DKB spoke about the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari answering questions with questions and the fact that Africa is poor and would like to be born in America in his next life.

But all the jokes he shared did not impress the audience and some of the patrons started booing him.

DKB then asked what he had done and then apologised for not lifting up his game on the night.

“It is not every day that your jokes land well and I accept the fact that I didn’t do well, better luck for me next time,” DKB stated.

He received a standing ovation for speaking the truth.

Foster Romanus, who had a torrid time at the maiden Laffta Fest returned to prove himself and this time round, he was able to get some people laughing.

Foster Romanus at the glo lafta fest

Foster Romanus at the glo laffta fest

Foster Romanus told jokes about how whites treat everything with passion to the extent that they are willing to die for each other but that cannot happen with blacks among others.

After some more jokes, he asked the audience to get on their feet as he wanted to do magic.

After succeeding in getting almost everyone on their feet, he said he had told himself he would receive a standing ovation at the end of his performance and had succeeded in doing so.

Although some of the jokes the Nigerian comedians told were not new, the manner in which they were delivered still elicited laughter from the audience.

Dan D Humurous who was the best comedian on the night had everyone laughing throughout his 30 minutes performance.

A joke he told about Nigerian men loving business to the extent that they would sell fire extinguisher in hell to make money got everyone laughing.

Dan D at the glo laffta fest

Dan D at the glo laffta fest

He also shared a joke about poor people eating everything at a party. According to him, poor people will eat Jollof, drink soup and even take some home.

Patrons laughed their hearts out

Basket Mouth did incredibly well although his time on stage was quite short. A joke he shared about fetish priests asking for things they know you will definitely not get, got people laughing.

Basket Mouth at glo laffta fest

Basket Mouth at glo laffta fest

Basket mouth

Other acts that passed through on the night were Gordons, Khemical, Senator, Salvador and some underground comedians.

Hosted by Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker and Nigerian actress, Ebube Nwagbo, the Glo Laffta Fest was well patronised with patrons having a great time.

credits: Graphic showbiz

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