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Don’t underrate yourself, there’s a better tomorrow.

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Don’t underrate yourself, there’s a better tomorrow.

God provided for you to be here at this present moment for a very specific reason and you have a special purpose that only you can fulfill.


The truth is, anytime you try underrating or underestimating yourself you end up giving up on your dreams and blaming your life for the mess that didn’t exist. This can go all the way to destroying your life and some even end up by committing suicide which shouldn’t be an option.


I always say this,”You can never fail to fulfill your purpose but you can only choose not to accomplish it” the ball lies in your court and its up to you to score.

The universe has to inspire you with dreams and aspirations you only posses, always remember you didn’t begin your life with a plan to be average but you wanted to do something extraordinary, you wanted to stand out, you wanted to do something magnificently noticeable and you can achieve all these because its never too late.

You may not be able to achieve everything you want but you can achieve anything you want. This is your life, Isn’t it worth your personal best? Think about it.


Martin Luther King Jnr. once said, “The time is always right to do what is right”.

A projected of about 100 billion people have lived upon the earth since the time of our ancestors. In spite of this immense number, “there has never been a single human being like you” Your unique skills, capabilities, experiences, ideas and wisdom you possessed, have not and will not be possessed by any other soul apart from you. Once again I say “You’re unique in your own ways and can’t afford to be underrated and underestimated”.


Some of the very prominent, famous and wealthy people you see today were once underrated. Mark Zuckerberg(founder of facebook) was once underrated by his own mates and friends but he believed in what he was doing and where he was going and didn’t give up easily. He is now worth over 80billion dollars.

Warren Buffet(founder of Berkshire Halfway) was underestimated so many times by his own people but didn’t give up and He is the second richest man in the world, worth over 90billion dollars.


This tells you that everywhere and at any point in time of your life and career your own mates and friends you meet along the way will try possibly to underrate and underestimate you but never agree to failure and don’t make their opinions be part of your life. Challenge people who always underrate you and learn to improve your life.

  “Appreciate those who appreciate you and don’t impress anyone”.


Share your opinions and lets inspire others.

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Privilege Amoah is a celebrity and lifestyle blogger, Social media Enthusiast and a Digital Marketer. I'm always elated to work with people irrespective of their race,religion and beliefs.

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