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Facts revealed! 3 reasons why Keche Andrews wife Joana Gyan earns $700million annually.

Facts reveled! 3 reasons why Keche Andrews Joan Gyan wife earns $700million annually.

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Facts revealed! 3 reasons why Keche Andrews wife Joana Gyan earns $700million annually.

Keche Andrews wife, Joana Gyan disclosed her net worth on the delay show and it sparked a whole lot of controversies.

In an interview with Delay, Mrs Joana Gyan wife of Member of group duo Keche, Andrew Kofi Cudjoe revealed she makes $700million dollars annually and $65million dollars monthly.

Ghanaians upon hearing this got shocked as no woman in Ghana is worth such an amount.

I don’t know whether the said amount beat the expectation of Ghanaians or they just don’t expect a woman to make such an amount.

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Why she makes $700million from her gold trading business ‘Golden empire legacy limited’

Keche Andrews wife, Joana Cudjoe owns Golden empire legacy limited a gold export company she founded in 2016.

“I registered my gold business in 2016 with a starting capital of $200,000”

With some experience gathered before registering her business, the manager of group duo Keche went ahead to disclose her monthly earnings saying she earns $65million monthly and a whooping $700million annually.

Now, many have come out openly to disagree with the revenue her company ‘Golden empire legacy limited’ is raking in.

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But wait, is it really surprising for a gold export company to make $700million annually?

-The company exports gold.  A little check privilegeamoah.com has done reveals that Golden empire legacy purchases gold from licensed local miners and dealers in Ghana and export them overseas.

-privilegeamoah.com also discovered that the gold trading company exports many grams of gold annually but as to the amount of gold the company exports, we are not really preview to that.

-If a 1000 killogram-gold is worth over $48million, relating to the amount of gold ‘golden empire legacy’ exports then it could be possible the company rakes in $700million annually ie, if the export is consistent in its exports.

however, we are also aware the company could make less than that, but in all its a profitable business and i think Joana Gyan, Keche’s manager is rich.

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