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How To Propose To Your Long Time ‘Crush’ On Valentine’s Day.

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How To Propose To Your Long Time ‘Crush’ On Valentine’s Day.

How To Propose To Your Long Time ‘Crush’ On Valentine’s Day.

It was just few weeks ago i went shopping for Christmas and here comes a cuddling day(valentine’s day) so soon, i think i’m not the worst boyfriend on earth although i hardly could make perfect gifts available to some gorgeous girlfriends especially on a lovely day like this.

Maybe its because i don’t have a girlfriend, because if i do, i would probably become the most romantic and ladiesman ever but i’ll try fit into it and see how it feels like at the moment since i have already started seeing some sweet girls around, i’ll try and please them.

So this how to propose to girl on valentine’s day. Read below;

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  • If you’re a newbie in love and haven’t been in a relationship before but planning on proposing to a girl on val’s day;

Make sure you put on your best outfit designed with simple colors like red and white, splash your body with a            very nice scented perfume with your hair and finger nails well kept on the day you’ll be expecting her.

– The day before valentine’s day make sure you do this;

-Get a highly scented rose flower and get your proposal ready be it off head or on a gift card and present it to her before val’s day.  Let it read as simple as this;


Hi Alice(your girls name), I have been patiently waiting for a special day like this to honour you with all my investments and i don’t care going the extra mile to borrow more just to make this day a memorable and a remarkable one ever in your entire life.

I know you’d be wondering why i would do all this for you especially when you’re just a friend, yes we are friends but i want to make our friendship from this day appear on the world love billboard chart where all your friends will envy you because your’e in a pool of love guarded by William Shakespeare.

I have a surprise for you and its worth more than you can think, just at the gardens of Muvenpic hotel, i will be seated and waiting to share some roses with you, Happy val’s day!


8 Ways To Make ‘Valentines Day’ Very Lovely And Memorable For Your Girlfriend

I think you can take it up from here and prove to her further how much she means to you when she honour your invitation for the date.

Don’t be too excited take it easy but on a serious note because she will be monitoring you.

This is a bold love step at first sight and so try every possible best to please her with the simplest but romantic thing you can do and don’t over do it.

Its Valentines Day, My Bae is Going To Enjoy – Princess Shyngle Shares Eye Popping Photos


Make sure you make her val’s present very cute and presentable and don’t forget to repeat ‘I love you’ when you have finally gotten her attention.

Last but not least, don’t be on a look out for sex in the interim, have patience, relax and make her feel comfortable being in your arms for the first time.

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