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8 Ways To Make ‘Valentines Day’ Very Lovely And Memorable For Your Girlfriend

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8 Ways To Make ‘Valentines Day’ Very Lovely And Memorable For Your Girlfriend

8 Ways To Make ‘Valentines Day’ Very Lovely And Memorable For Your Girlfriend

Valentines Day or Val’s Day is one of the most memorable and love sharing days couple can have, 14th February of every year is a red flower day and every gorgeous lady deserves a special romantic handling.

You certainly do not need a million dollar to celebrate and adore your girlfriend on valentines day, just something romantically extraordinary will perform magic.

However, if you are severely and soberly in love with the most charming lady or have found the most lovely lady you want to please and really please well, then i have got these tips to spice it up for you.

Valentines Day

8 Ways To Make ‘Valentines Day’ Very Lovely And Memorable For Your Girlfriend


1. First of all think about yourself, think about the nice but simple clothes to put on, you already know your girlfriend and so make sure you step out elegantly dressed in such a way that your girlfriend will shield you from other girls.

2. Just before that i’m sure you must have arranged a serene environment to spend the day or night with your girlfriend, just make sure the environment is as serene as best. It could be a very nice hotel, garden,private cinemas or a lovely jazz concert.

3. Make your girlfriend realize and feel how much you adore her by offering her a nice scented rose or a forget-me-not flower or a nicely decorated sweet chocolate and tell her “I love you so much darling”


4. Unawarely give her a nice moist Kiss on the lips with a lovely smile maintaining eye contact as you pull your skull back whiles in Public leaving her doubting.

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5. Again its a day to prove you’re romantic, be a a bit eccentric but don’t overreact just try your possible best to woo your girlfriend.

6. Its not a must to spend beyond your means, at least make good use and be creative with the available few cedis you can afford to let go and make sure you try and fulfill her demands that day.


7. Love is not about reading aerobatic engineering neither is it a rocket science, its about being as romantic as you can to your partner, and so on val’s day whiles on a date with your partner, hold hands together in a cozy way and exchange lovely words together as you take a romantic walk.

8. Now, after going back and forth expressing how much you love her and appreciate her, its time for real action which is good sex, yes you need to give her the best of sex she’s never experienced before since you started dating her.

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Its Valentines day! So the ball is in your court now, play it well and your girlfriend or partner will be the happiest lady and won’t even think of blinking an eye on other Man.

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