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More young girls are becoming slay queens; is it lucrative? – Privilege Amoah writes

More young girls are becoming slay queens; is it lucrative? - Privilege Amoah writes

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More young girls are becoming slay queens; is it lucrative? – Privilege Amoah writes

Slay queens? Very interesting businesses have become lucrative in this era and people seem to be cashing in despite the risk it poses.  The slay queen business is severely being accepted by young and adult women aged between 15 and 45 who are making careers out of it.

Making it big in the slay queen business is as easy as nodding like a lizard. This ease in cashing in without toil has encouraged a lot of ladies to venture into it. As to whether or not it’s a lazy man’s job, some ladies have chosen this path and are enriching themselves in the process.

Slay queeens

Well, call them lazy if you like, but these ladies have developed an interest in what they feel is helping them to meet their needs and careless of your criticisms. They value their job just as you value your hard-earned profession.


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Does the slay queen business pay, and how do they get paid?

Who is a slay queen? –  A slay queen is a lady who appears to be wealthy by living an expensive lifestyle in the public domain, mostly on social media but very broke in real life. Although the public believes Slay queens live a fake lifestyle, some slay queens are really rich in real life. This business has largely gained momentum in this social media era; Instagram, Snapchat and now Tiktok are some of the major social media platforms they operate.

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These slay queens establish themselves on social media and gather a huge following, become very influential in just a short while by sharing seductive photos and contents to their followers in a quest to fish out clients who will patronize their services to sustain their lavish lifestyle.

Also, by portraying their ‘fake’ luxurious lifestyle on social media, slay queens turn to put pressure on the younger girls who also begin to feel some excitements in living a lavish lifestyle and in the end become slayqueens by blindly emulating.

Slay queens

How do slay queens live an expensive lifestyle?

The lifestyle of slay queens is obvious, it is strongly believed their main source of money is made through dating very rich men popularly known as sugar daddies. There are other things slay queens do to make money but what is widely known is dating rich men for money.

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So if you are wondering how they are able to afford luxurious items to brand their bodies and also ride in plush cars and rent expensive apartments, slayqueens milk rich men, leave them dried up and spend on themselves. If your husband is rich and likes having external affair, know that he is a big client to some cash-girl out there.

On the other hand, slay queens don’t deal with broke men so if you are broke, find your level or stay quite. Some school of thought have it that, slayqueens are prostitutes more reasons why they hardly date broke guys; they are up for the cash to spend lavishly. Sit your broke ass somewhere – they say.

Is the slay queen business lucrative?

Yes, from what privilegeamoah.com has gathered so far, it is one of the most lucrative businesses for most young ladies. Slay queens make a minimum of Gh7,000($1219.51) a month from dating different men. Some of their top clients include politicians, celebrities, business moguls and other high earning individuals.

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Could this be the most reason why more young girls are becoming slay queens

From privilegeamoah.com, we believe that the fact there is quick cash to be made with little or no effort at all, has made the young girls built some interest in toeing such a path as they believe it will make them get richer with just an eye close.

These young girls are highly being influenced by some experienced cash-girls who are already in the game and that cannot be undermined. Aside from its fast-cash bit, most of these young girls believe it’s an easy way to get rich without any hard work input.

In the coming years, we will see a lot more young girls take a sharp dive into this ‘slay queen’ area if the wave at which it is now, continues.

Slay queens

Slay queens are prostitutes?

To my way of thinking, the slay queen business is not really a bad business; however, their modus operandi is similar to that of prostitutes, even if it’s not, the way slay queens passionately and affectionately expose their bodies in the public domain through social media makes people believe they’re offering their bodies for sale.

To a closure, should we allow more young girls to become slay queens, we are literally wiping out the next generation, this is because most of these young girls have great dreams and aspirations which when encouraged to pursue, would make a crucial contribution and become powerful mothers to the Nation.

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Privilege Amoah is a celebrity and lifestyle blogger, Social media Enthusiast and a Digital Marketer. I'm always elated to work with people irrespective of their race,religion and beliefs.



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