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Love: I seduced my boss by not wearing pants to the office for 3 weeks – NSS girl confesses

Love: I seduced my boss by not wearing pants to the office for 3 weeks - NSS girl confesses


Love: I seduced my boss by not wearing pants to the office for 3 weeks – NSS girl confesses

Often times, we hear of male bosses using their positions to literally force their female subordinates into sleeping with them.

While some bosses come with promises of rewards and promotions, others come with threats of demotion or even sack in order to have their way.

But a young lady has shocked social media with the story of her office romance with her boss. Unlike many ladies who claim to be the victims, the lady was rather the architect of the whole sleeping with boss episode.

According to the lady (name withheld), she carefully planned and executed a strategy to get her boss to sleep with her.

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Narrating the whole incident, the lady revealed that she lusted after her boss after falling in love with the shape of his manhood in his trousers on the very first day of her national service.

As fate would have it, she was posted to the boss’ office as the personal assistant. Though she could not tell the boss how she felt about him, she had to have strategise to make her dream come true.

After reading articles on how to get a man into your pant within the shortest possible , she settled on seduction.

For this purpose, the young lady continued, she started wearing dresses to expose her breasts and thighs but the boss did not seem to notice her.

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She even decided to stop wearing panties to work so that she would not have to waste any time when the opportunity came.

Her efforts finally paid off one Friday when all the other workers went home after work and she had to remain and finish some work with the boss.

While writing a report for the week’s activities, she stated, the boss came to her to ask how long she had not been wearing panties to the office.

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Though she was a bit embarrassed, she managed to reply that it was about three weeks.

A conversation ensued thereafter leading to a romantic foreplay and a hot lovemaking which became regular between them.

Interestingly, the lady who claimed she could even masturbate by the mere look the boss’ photos stated that it was not for anything but just to satisfy her lust.

“It wasn’t because of money, job or anything, I was just lustful after him and I really wanted to try his manhood,” her confession as published on stated.

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