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UPSA students prevented from accessing ‘COVID-19’ led E-learning platform.

UPSA students prevented from accessing 'COVID-19' E-learning platform.

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UPSA students prevented from accessing ‘COVID-19’ led E-learning platform.

Information reaching privilegeamoah.com indicates that a section of the University of Professional Studies students have been denied access to the school’s E-learning platform.

An emergency decision by the government to enable students have access to educational resources in these tragic times of COVID-19.

Relevant sources reveal that students who are being denied access to the E-learning platform in these CoronaVirus Pandemic times are students who haven’t yet made full payment of their fees.

In a quick response to the decision by the UPSA administration, a concerned student and an activist whose name is unidentified penned his concerns, voicing out his grievances on the recent happenings off campus.

According to the concerned student and activist, the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 has led to the shutdown of businesses, crippled the economy as a way of negatively affecting the flow of income globally.

This has rendered a chunk of the population temporary unemployed, financially handicapping sponsors/duty bearers of their education, thereby leaving some students unfinished with their fees.

Calling on Government and other stakeholders to help fix all sidelined students onto the E-Learning platform as instructed by the President.



“I write this communique in my position as a stakeholder (student) and concerned member of the Students Representative Council (SRC) of the University of Professional Studies,Accra. This is to draw all stakeholders ( Government,Ministry of Education,Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Stuff, General Public,Students and Parents among others) to the unfair treatment propagated towards the students body of UPSA by the Management of the school in times when the entire nation is finding difficulties in battling the deadly virus, COVID-19.

Upon directives from the President of the Republic of Ghana, all University suspended their operation as at Monday, 16th March,2020. Following the suspension of the operation of the University ( UPSA ), the management of the school immediately decided to move all learning activities of the University onto an E-Learning platform where Assignments, tests and interim assessments will be taken for the semester 40 percent out of 100 percent assessment and this is an unfair treatment to most students (stakeholders). The following are the reasons why I call this unfair and call on other stakeholders to ensure that this system is suspended:

1. The school’s management moved onto an E-Learning without giving access to students who have not yet made full payment of their fees but will surely do that in the long run. Among the students who pay their fees for the effective running of the University ,we have students who depend on the Students Loan Trust Fund to pay part of their fees,those who have to wait for money from relatives abroad to pay their fees (Most of those countries have also been infected by this deadly virus, COVID-19) and some have to go to the extent of doing informal works in order to put together money for their fees. So my question to the management of the school is that,”where do you want such a student to get money to pay his/her fees when everyone is trying as much as possible to quarantine himself/herself from getting this deadly Virus?”, ” Why do you want to cause panic to the parents of these students who haven’t yet paid their fees?”

2. Management of the University also didn’t take into consideration students who live in the rural areas, those who can’t get access to good internet signal, students who do not have a laptop and those who do not even have smartphones in order to get communication pertaining to this new development. These students were asked to leave their hostels few days after the operation of the University was suspended. My question here is that ,”Are these ones not students of the University?”

3. Management did not consider the cost and readiness of the students on this new system. “Will the students be able to afford going on an E-Learning System everyday?

4. Above all other cases raised, my question is,” Is this what the students signed up for in their contract of admission?”. “Did management take into consideration parties to this contract before embarking on its transition?”

These among other reasons which my fellow stakeholders can identify, to which I call on all Major stakeholders stated at the preliminary part of this communique to see to it that there is fairness and equality in the provision of our educational service.
I also send out a loud warning to SRC leadership aspirants who are putting the students at disadvantage in this situation to panic, by sharing heart panicking communique, to put an end to that and employ a common sense of leadership and stand by the students in this difficult times.

I conclude by saying, I am not against management’s effort to ensure that students continue to take academic work serious but I am against the extent to which this is going.

How I wish God made all hands equal.
Thank you”

Write & Issued by
A Concerned Student/Student Activist

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