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Video: I spent ¢30k to get my voluptuous body – Nana Frema

Video: I spent ¢30k to get my voluptuous body – Nana Frema

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Video: I spent ¢30k to get my voluptuous body – Nana Frema

Sensational singer,  Nana Frema has revealed she spends not less than ¢30,000 to get her bouncy body shape at the controversial Obengfo Clinic run by Dr Dominic Obeng-Andoh.

Nana Frema, who also stars in movies, says she doesn’t regret spending such amount to getting her voluptuous body.

Speaking in an interview with ‘Delay on the Delay Show’, the singer explained that she took the decision to modify her body because she did not have any confidence in herself because her stomach was too big.

According to her, her stomach overshadowed her butt.

“It overshadowed the curves,” she said.

Nana Frema claimed that producers in the entertainment industry refused to work with her because her tummy was big and even though she had a good voice, they would not produce her because of her shape.

She disclosed that she heard about Dr Obengfo in 2015 but unfortunately she couldn’t afford the ¢30,000 the controversial doctor was asking for to undergo a liposuction.

The singer said she dropped the Obengfo idea to rather take drugs hoping to get her wish to come true, but that did not also go as planned. After that failure, she decided to work to get Obengfo’s procedure fee.

Before the procedure, Nana Frema recounted, she slept at the Obengfo Clinic for three days and she also signed a consent form that indicated that the procedure could go wrong.

Asked if any of her family members were aware of the procedure and the possible implications, the singer said she sought permission from her worried mother, who prayed for her before she went for the procedure.

The actress told Delay that she was awake throughout the whole procedure which lasted about four hours.

According to her, Dr Obengfo removed fat from her stomach to fill her butt and was cleared to leave the clinic after 10 days.

Nana Frema, who says she has gained her confidence back after the surgery, says she has lost jobs and relationships after coming out publicly about the body enhancements and declaring her support for Dr Obengfo.

She, however, said if she could turn back the hands of time, she would not have come out to publicly support the Obengfo Clinic owner.

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