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Zylofon Media Ceases To Exist Henceforth; End of Ghana’s Entertainment Industry?

Zylofon Media Ceases To Exist Henceforth; End of Ghana's Entertainment Industry?


Zylofon Media Ceases To Exist Henceforth; End of Ghana’s Entertainment Industry?

The Saviour of Ghana’s entertainment industry has been ordered by the Economic and Organized Crime Office(EOCO) as secured by a court order to shut down indefinitely.

But before i touched on seized assets and properties and why they’ve been asked to shut down,i would like to share this with you from the entertainment aspect.

End of Ghana’s Entertainment Industry?

I will look at this from the Entertainment perspective because, one of Menzgold’s assets, Zylofon media has verily contributed immensely to our entertainment industry talk of music, movies, fashion and a host of others.

Ghana’s entertainment Industry was in a dungeon and in serious mess when a ‘savior’ zylofon music came to rescue and position it on an enviable pedestal.

Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Joyce Blessing, Kumi Guitar, Obibini, Becca, James Gardener, Too sweet Annan, Zynell Zuh, Benedicta Gaffah, Bibi Bright and others were all signed and offered huge sums of Dollars under zlofon music.

For artistes like shatta wale, Becca and Stonebwoy, their careers were already established but didn’t have enough backing in terms of finance for their in and outs, shooting of music videos and promoting their arts.


It was through zylofon music shatta wale shot one of the best music videos in Ghana for his popular dancehall song ‘Gringo’ and appeared 6th on the world billboard chart.

But for Kumi Guitar, Obibini and the others, they were in very serious financial and personality crisis but it took zylofon music just a day to make them see their dreams come through overnight.

Talk of Zylofon Fm and zylofon Tv, Zylofon fm and zylofon Tv have helped hundreds of up and coming artistes and musicians who almost gave up on their music career due to lack of support and easy avenues to promote their craft gained some kind of millage and restored their dreams of musicianship.

Mind you all these acts singed under zylofon music were given very special treatment like expensive cars to drive, well furnished houses to live in and a comfortable life to experience and the only thing required from them is to make music.


Zylofon media has really helped Ghana’s entertainment Industry a lot and deserves not to be mocked for this rather unfortunate which has befallen upon them but rather praised for their huge impact felt for a short while in the lives of our die-hard celebrities.

In all i can say on some level of confidence that zylofon invested over 10 million dollars in Ghana’s entertainment industry and it played tremendous role in the growth of the industry.

No Zylofon media No Ghana entertainment Industry period!

Without talking too much i would like to end here and ask.

Will Ghana’s entertainment industry continue to flourish even at the absence of zylofon music and zylofon media?

Why Menzgold related assets and properties are being seized 


This is as a result of the ongoing Menzgold crisis which has position investors trading with the entangled Gold dealership firm in a rather devastating manner.

EOCO, since the Securities Exchange commission of Ghana(SEC) revoked the license of Menzgold following an investigation into the whole Menzgold saga has been issuing orders from freezing all menzgold related bank accounts to ceasing all Menzgold related properties and assets.

Menzgold related properties are listed as follows;


EOCO has secured a court order to FREEZE all assets of Menzgold. These assets both known and unknown.
1. Menzgold office complex
2. Brew Marketing
3. SC Star Madrid
4. Zylofon arts fund
5. Zylofon music
6. Zylofon media etc
7. Two buildings at trassaco
8. Plots of lands at Trassaco
All persons in possession of any properties and assets belonging to Menzgold, are hereby advised to hand them over to EOCO or face sanctions.
The public is also urged to divulge information about any other assets and properties belonging to Menzgold, to the EOCO.

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