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Zylofon Media And Menzgold Invasion In Nigeria, An Exercise In Futility?

Zylofon Media And Menzgold Invasion In Nigeria, An Exercise In Futility?


Zylofon Media And Menzgold Invasion In Nigeria, An Exercise In Futility?

Zylofon Media And Menzgold Invasion In Nigeria, An Exercise In Futility?

Zylofon Media together with Menzgold launched “zylofon media and menzgold ” branch in Nigeria not too long ago  and it was successful but in an attempt to promote their zylofon music record label artistes turned out to be a total flop and a disgrace.

The launch that took place on the 24th of August, 2018 at the Eko hotels and events center in Nigeria didn’t chatter on a good path and automatically ended abysmally.

The launch it self was very successful and we hail Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM 1) for his tremendous effort in making Ghana one of the enviable countries in Africa in terms of Business exploitation and employment. Kudos!

The most irritating and annoying of all was when our super stars are not being recognized as such considering the likes of Shatta wale, Stonebwoy, Becca, Joyce blessing , Kumi Guitar, Obibini and king promise.


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With Shatta Wale’s presence and the response from the Nigerian audience, it was nothing but a pain to death as compared to the response in Ghana and even abroad and other African countries. The show was wack and poorly organised.

I’m not saying this to register my internal displeasure on this whole concert party that went on but rather the concerns and expectations of people on this whole joke they call a Musical concert.

I’m going to highlight below some of the key things that contributed to the Zylofon media and menzgold event flop.

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-Poor publicity Stand on the part of the management and Organisers.

First of all, Before an event takes chance on even patrolling to take effect be it corporate, social or a concert, there should always be a target audience in mind considering your budget and capabilities.

After this has been established you now think of a venue to suit your audience considering security and more.

Going further, you have to look out for promotional spaces to air and publicize your event to reach your target audience as described earlier within your capability and affordability. “But you always have to make sure your adverts or publicity is viral and is being engaged with in terms of attendance”. 


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To add to this, “always make sure you get the big fishes in the sea when you go for fishing so you can have a better delicacy if you like”. What do i mean by this?

I mean when ever you are advertising your events or anything you want people to engage with, always make sure you get the big and key players in that advertising society considering the key media houses and bloggers withing that vicinity or target market you would want to reach.


This will make your event well known and well attended especially when you are bringing on board artistes to perform in a an unknown space or target market.

In concluding, Should Zylofon media and Menzgold had done these and even what you are thinking, they could have had a more interesting and engaging show but unfortunately their event organisers failed them and gave them very very poor return on investment. Thanks for reading 

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